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The New Testament Chur...

Re- Blogged From  Dewayne Dulaney Many today would like to follow Jesus and be a part of his church, but are confused by the variety of competing creeds, religious bodies, and religious practices in today's world, most of which claim to be authorized by Jesus or instituted by him. In this series of lessons we will attempt to find out what the New Testament church was like, so that the honest inquirer may judge for himself [ continue reading ]

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Working with Volunteers

  Working with Volunteers – Part 1 Volunteers Are Our Job. As a church leader you need volunteers to accomplish the work you have been called to do. Without them the work will not get done. (Can you imagine the choir without the volunteers?) Volunteers are the driving force behind the work of the church. When we involve others, better ideas are generated and more work gets done. But volunteers are more than agents who [ continue reading ]

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