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Prior to Video Mentoring, the most common way of "experiencing" a mentor was to attend an event (if he or she offered any). However, apart from the cost and logistics of attending a live event, the main disadvantage is that once the event is over, learning from the mentor also ceases. Video Mentoring provides ongoing learning, and therefore continuing education. Just as with learning a new language, where it is better to study for 15 minutes a week for a year, than to spend 13 hours straight in one sitting, Video Mentoring gives you the framework and stimulus of timely education. The topic here have been carefully chosen. PowerUP Ministries places an emphasis on APOSTOLIC LIFE and APOSTOLIC MINISTRY.  You will find many topics here along with some of the foremost voices in the Apostolic faith today. 




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    June 28, 2012 at 8:26 pm
    Briant Mora says:

    Amen Pastor Dean! That’s good stuff! Thank you for sharing with us your burden. It is the end time, the last hour before the Lord returns. We must be awakened out of our sleep. It is time for the true Apostolic ministry to rise up. God grant it, let us take hold of what God is trying to do through us.

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